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Ashburne Designs Creates MDF Doors with Panelmetrix Software

Another happy customer!
Ashburne Designs is now manufacturing their own MDF doors ! Making MDF doors in house has never been easier with Panelmetrix Software. Cover the cost of your Thermwood, even leave money in your pockets ! Garry Ewing (Ashburne’s owner) has already started saving money, ask us how you can too !!!

Highly skilled tradesman Garry Ewing can now carry out clients’ visions for their new spaces.

Ashburne Designs
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CLAMPING made EASY… New Bonacin “Nina” case clamp at Provincial Millwork

The recent investment of a Bonacin “Nina” case clamp at Provincial Millwork has had a huge impact on throughput and box handling.   Prior to the acquisition of the “Nina”, the assemblers were manually clamping all boxes by hand with single-side, pipe clamps.   Clamping has never been this easy or this fast…

Congratulations to Provincial Millwork on their recent upgrade.   Yet another satisfied CNC Automation customer – the CNC family just keeps on growing!

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Graig Robinson and Woodwork Management’s, Drew Parks, met with the CCNB administration

On this past February 27th, CNC Automation’s Atlantic Regional Manager, Graig Robinson, and Woodwork Management’s, Drew Parks, met with the CCNB administration & teaching staff from Woodworking Center of Excellence – Campbelton.

The meeting agenda was to discuss the scarcity of trained employees in the woodworking industry and the very low number of students entering into the college’s woodworking program.

The goal was to create a united front and discuss how industry can help the college with student recruitment.  As many recognize the changes in industry over the last few years, proposals on modi­fications and additions to the woodworking program were also passed around and discussed.   Increased automation in the larger plants, and yes even in the smaller shops, is driving the need for well-trained woodworkers.

Both Graig and Drew are members of AWMAC’s Atlantic Chapter (

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Visit Thermwood for a Hands-On Cut Center Demonstration !

The all new Cut Ready Cut Center is available for free live demonstrations here at our modern factory headquarters in Dale, IN.  During your demo process you can expect:

  • The demo process starts with phone consultations with our techs.  This helps us learn about what you want to make, and how the Cut Center can best help improve your operation.
  • On the day of the demo, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, and receive a complete overview of the easy to use Cut Center and its operation.  You will work with our knowledgeable experts hands-on with this amazing machine.
  • By “Hand’s-On”, we mean that you will actually be able to select, size and run product from the Cut Center yourself and see how incredible easy it is to operate.  With no training necessary, you’ll be able to run the Cut Center yourself!
  • You’ll get a personalized tour of our modern facility to see our manufacturing process from start to finish, and how we carefully build each machine from the ground up.

Will the Cut Center Make Everything I Want?

We are continually adding products and capabilities to the Cut Center.  But what if something you want to make isn’t in the system yet?  Does that mean the Cut Center won’t work for you?

Actually, we have developed a program for those who want to make things not already in the Cut Center. How do you get “No Programming” and the simple, intuitive operation of a Cut Center for your special products? With our new “Special Products” program the answer is simple, we add them for you!

The Special Products Section allows you to make you own custom products easily with the Thermwood Cut Center

Definitions for your unique products are custom developed and installed in your Cut Center. These are not just CNC programs. Definitions teach your machine to make your products in all their variations, all their sizes, from all the materials you use. If your product requires special fixtures or tooling, we will develop and supply them also. This is a complete, ready-to-run solution.

The Special Products Section allows you to make you own custom products easily with the Thermwood Cut Center

Run your products by simply selecting what you want, right at the machine. You can use material of varying thickness and/or adjust product size and features, again, right at the machine. The machine adjusts for all of this with no separate computer, no software and no programming. This is by far the simplest, easiest way to make things. This program is not restricted to cabinets and furniture. It will work for any product that can be manufacturered on a router.

You can add additional products at any time and can have existing product definitions modified. We stand ready to manage your product offering so you don’t have to.

With the “Special Products” addition, you still have all the features and product capabilities of the standard Cut Center, with your unique products as an added benefit.

With the “Special Products” addition, you still have all the features and product capabilities of the standard Cut Center, with your unique products as an added benefit.

More Information

To find out more about the Cut Center and the process of adding arranging a free hands-on demonstration, please give us a call at 1-800-421-5955 or click HERE to fill out an information request form.  We hope to hear from you soon !

Brush Sanders by LOEWER… in Stock & on Sale

Pre-Spring Cleaning Sale – Brush Sanders by LOEWER… in Stock & on Sale !

Huge Pre-Owned Machinery Liquidation Sale


Thermwood CNC’s – Edgebanders – Sanders – Saws and more…


We can UPGRADE your CNC ROUTER right here in CANADA !


Controller Upgrade – Precision Upgrades

CNC is opening it’s doors on November 6th – 7th !

CNC Automation is proud to announce that we are opening our doors once again on November 6th and 7th.

Mark your calendars as we will be running live production on our equipment, introducing new technology to the Canadian market and a few other surprises…


CNC AUTOMATION & CEFLA have partnered up to offer you a wide range of finishing solutions!


Cefla Finishing Group is the world leader in surface finishing systems for all segments of the woodworking industry. They design and manufactures tailored and “turnkey” solutions that will give you the competitive edge in our rapidly changing industry.

IWF Atlanta – Thermwood and Timesavers are Challengers Award Winners

CNC Automation is proud to announce that the Thermwood Cut-Center and Timesavers YieldSaver 24 are both winners of the prestigious IWF Challengers Award.

IWF Challengers Award Winners -> Click Here


Thermwood Cut-Center

The Thermwood Cut-Center is a new class of machine that takes a totally different approach than traditional nested based CNC routers.

-> More Information

Timesavers YieldSaver 24

The Timesavers YieldSaver 24 is designed to produce a high yield with its automatic centering infeeds.

-> More Information