Panel Pro Series – Specialty Sanding

Introducing the NEW Panel Pro, this revolutionary brand new one of a kind machine hit the Canadian market at our Open House in November of 2023. Our customers have been after a simple and effective solution for sanding the recess panels on one piece or 5-piece doors for a long time. Others have brought solutions to the market that have either failed or are too slow as they rely on a robotic arm with a limited range of motion. Not the Panel Pro, it combines the use of vibrating sanding pads to level and polish the flat panel while the cup brushes edge brake interior and exterior profiles in a feed through system. Built in Italy and perfected for the needs of the Canadian market by the team at CNC Automation. Join the growing trend of early adopters and contact us for more details or to schedule a demo in our lab.


First step in the sanding process is two gantry stations with a series of pneumatic orbital sanders.


After the part receives its sanding process by using controlled pressures and different options available in the gantry sanding station, it is off to the next station. The second step is to do edge break sanding through 3 rows of discs then part blow off at the exit station.


The system is controlled by advanced software. Sanding is performed by oscillating rectangular gantry mounted sanders that allow for various programs to be run independently for each gantry, facilitating stepped grit sanding in a single process using the Mirka Abranet mesh platform. The final step is completed by cup brushes. The Panel Pro consistently delivers top quality results with raw MDF, solid wood, sealer, or primer.

Here’s what our early Panel Pro adopters are saying….

We were looking for a sanding solution that would automate our sanding process and reduce manual hand sanding, so we reached out to CNC Automation. They explained that they had a new one-of-a-kind machine in the works, and we were very intrigued by it.
Given our location and trust in the team, we sent samples which they machine sanded for us right away and couriered back to us, along with video of the process. We sprayed the workpieces and immediately saw the results… Improved sanding at speeds that just can’t be matched by any other solutions on the market. This was an investment in our business we could not turn down, especially given labour shortages.
Happy to say we were early adopters and now have the FIRST Panel Pro sander, in Canada, in our shop! Another home run by the team at CNC Automation, our trusted partner in the development of solutions.

After reviewing numerous sanding solutions on the market and not finding anything that could meet our volume requirements, we reached out to CNC Automation for some advice. That’s when they first introduced us to their new Panel Pro sanding solution. The sanding results were impressive, but we still felt that it would not meet our volume requirements.
Being a solutions-based company, the team at CNC Automation were quick to come up with a new configuration of the Panel Pro sander tailored to accommodate our high-volume needs. With the addition of a third gantry and 2 additional sanding heads, we will be able to hit our throughput numbers without sacrificing quality.
The complete purchasing process was extremely satisfying and stress free for our team, our input into the design and
build of our newest piece of equipment was extremely well received, we know with certainty that we have chosen the right partner in CNC Automation.
We are confident that implementing the Panel Pro into our manufacturing will greatly improve our overall consistency, while delivering superior quality. We can’t wait to take delivery of our newest team member, the one and only Panel Pro.

The team at Milestone went out looking for a sanding solution that would meet our production needs and allow us to grow our volumes. We looked at other options but when the team at CNC Automation presented the Panel Pro… we immediately realized it was the solution for us. It’s been just over a month since our Panel Pro has been in operation, and it has already received the nickname of “Johnny Five”. Johnny was our best employee at sanding, but our new “Johnny Five” is at least five times quicker CNC Automation, a tried-and-true solutions provider, have been there time after time for us. Pair this with their outstanding service, purchasing this winning combination was a no brainer!