FIRST IN CNC ROUTERS… now offering Qcore, a feature rich, high performance CNC control system. Thermwood are industry leaders in implementing advanced control technology.

Offering a wide range of automatic, single side edge processing machines, along with a wide selection of options, all engineered to perform in the most hostile environments…

Dowel & Hinge Inserting, wide range of solutions, from automatic multi-functional glue dosing machines to numerically controlled insertion machines that drill, glue and insert dowels on horizontal work pieces.

Veneta applies state-of-the-art technology to offer industrial extraction and filtering systems focused on design, ease of operation and safety. All Veneta equipment is proven, with high efficiency ratings and impressive specifications.

Offering Clamping Solutions, Bonacin is a leader in electric case clamp technology. Offering a space-saving design that allows for placement in low overhead spaces and provide noise-free operation with low energy consumption.

Producing woodworking machinery for more than 40 years, MASTERWOOD offers state-of-the-art technology supported by personalized software in order to ease the use of the most complicated machinery.

Specializing in the development of membrane pressing machines. Suitable for the production of routed vinyl laminate doors, these machines are available in various sizes with the options of shuttle tables for increased productivity.

Evans Midwest offers the widest variety of core fabrication, laminating, postforming, coving and cutting machines in the world today, with thousands in operation all over the world. Whether you need to produce a few countertops each day or thousands.