EdgeCut: Precisely Cut 2 mm Thick Material

Precisely cut up to 2 mm thick material

The new EdgeCut has not only been completely redesigned, the new slitting and winding machine also performs to the most recent engineering best practice and is part of düspohl’s latest developments. The new system not only minimises the potential hazard to the operator, but also shortens setup times dramatically.

Automatic positioning

The newly developed düspohl cutting system makes it possible to cut and wind absolutely free of burrs and crease-whitening. The result is the highest quality thin papers, thermoplastic films and up to 2 mm thick edging materials, such as ABS or PVC. One of the biggest challenges was the firm commitment to enable fully automatic knife positioning such as possible with the established AutoCut. The user specifies the desired cutting widths individually via touchscreen or retrieves them from a database. The adjustment process is completed in less than two minutes and guarantees a cutting width tolerance of no more than +/- 0.1 mm.

EdgeCut1Outstanding Winding Quality

Two distance sensors, among other things, ensure outstanding winding quality. They continuously sense the material rolls and control the braking force and the drives accordingly, depending on the roll diameter. The ideal process speed and web tension is thus held constant and perfectly controlled in combination with the drive power. 8 mm friction elements on the winding shafts allow very finely adjusted, width-dependent traction distribution across the cut material during the winding process.


  • The knife system is suitable for materials such as paper, veneer, laminate, ABS, PVC, PP and other materials.
  • Material thickness: 0.1 mm to 2 mm.
  • Working width up to 700 mm.
  • Strip width min.: 18 mm.
  • Roll diameter max.: 700 mm.
  • Cutting speed: 10-150 m/min.



Van Dyck Custom Kitchens Install Thermwood Router!

As the proud new owners of a Thermwood Router (Model  CS43) and Belfab dust collector, Van Dyck Custom Kitchens are already running production, 2 days into the install.

Another happy CNC Automation customer…  Welcome to the CNC family !

Van-Dyck-2 Van-Dyck-1

Ébénisterie Tech Design Woodworking Enjoys New Prima!

Congrats Ébénisterie Tech Design Woodworking… Enjoy your new Prima !
The first Cefla installation in the Maritimes made by

Prima       Prima


Panelmetrix Software

Ashburne Designs Creates MDF Doors with Panelmetrix Software

Another happy customer!
Ashburne Designs is now manufacturing their own MDF doors ! Making MDF doors in house has never been easier with Panelmetrix Software. Cover the cost of your Thermwood, even leave money in your pockets ! Garry Ewing (Ashburne’s owner) has already started saving money, ask us how you can too !!!

Highly skilled tradesman Garry Ewing can now carry out clients’ visions for their new spaces.

Ashburne Designs
MDF Doors Mdf Doors


CLAMPING made EASY… New Bonacin “Nina” case clamp at Provincial Millwork

The recent investment of a Bonacin “Nina” case clamp at Provincial Millwork has had a huge impact on throughput and box handling.   Prior to the acquisition of the “Nina”, the assemblers were manually clamping all boxes by hand with single-side, pipe clamps.   Clamping has never been this easy or this fast…

Congratulations to Provincial Millwork on their recent upgrade.   Yet another satisfied CNC Automation customer – the CNC family just keeps on growing!

IMAG0361 IMAG0360

Graig Robinson and Woodwork Management’s, Drew Parks, met with the CCNB administration

On this past February 27th, CNC Automation’s Atlantic Regional Manager, Graig Robinson, and Woodwork Management’s, Drew Parks, met with the CCNB administration & teaching staff from Woodworking Center of Excellence – Campbelton.

The meeting agenda was to discuss the scarcity of trained employees in the woodworking industry and the very low number of students entering into the college’s woodworking program.

The goal was to create a united front and discuss how industry can help the college with student recruitment.  As many recognize the changes in industry over the last few years, proposals on modi­fications and additions to the woodworking program were also passed around and discussed.   Increased automation in the larger plants, and yes even in the smaller shops, is driving the need for well-trained woodworkers.

Both Graig and Drew are members of AWMAC’s Atlantic Chapter (http://atl.awmac.com/).

IMAG2513 IMAG2512