thermwood cut centre

Thermwood Cut Centre – Changing the World!

Thermwood Cut Centre – One Step Closer to Changing the World!

Used for cutting, milling, drilling and routing of virtually any material the CNC machine is continuing to be a revolutionizing force in manufacturing, design and residential and commercial construction. Automation is the latest innovation to enhance operability and performance. American ­Machinist Magazine’s 2012 predictions for the future of this machine in the ‘technical evolution’ place the CNC in the category of ‘world changing’ products.

The CNC is without a doubt the must-have foundation tool. The Thermwood Cut Centre offers a better, easier CNC automation for improved precision and increased productivity. Simple, intuitive, and preloaded Thermwood is proving its worth for a host of Montreal manufactures.


3 Ways That CNC Will Change Our World
Apr 5, 2012 Jack Douglass | American Machinist (access: 20/05/2015)