North Bay Woodworking LTD, already putting their new upgraded Fravol to work !

North Bay Woodworking LTD, a father / son ownership team and longtime CNC customer, recently purchased their 2nd Fravol Edgebander. This upgrade investment will allow for improved quality and through put.

Congrats to Laurent and Manuel we hope you enjoy your new “SMART” purchase !

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cnc automation houses and construction

CNC Automation Houses and Construction

The CNC Machine – Innovating Housing Solutions

Affordable housing
It has become a central issue in most political campaigns and of course, to the work-a-day human. With prices continuing their unrealistic flight into the stratosphere, down here on Earth many wonder when they will be able to enjoy the comforts of a home of their own. This is of a more dire and pressing concern for those living under the constraints of abject poverty, like the favelas of Rio, the shanty-towns of Johannesburg, or the flimsy pre-fabs of Amos.
Solution? CNC Automation For House Construction.

Perhaps all of this is about to change
In what is being dubbed ‘The Ultimate Example of CNC Use’, Alistair Parvin has introduced the world to his WikiHouse  – an innovation that marries CNC technology to cutting-edge design. Open source construction kits and a shared library of 3D models can be downloaded – adaptable via software like SKETCHUP. Components are digitally printed and manufactured using CNC tools; portable CNC devices can allow for cutting on-site – great for tricky jobs or remote locations. The flexibility of the system means that the WikiHouse system allows virtually anyone to create affordable and easy-to-assemble housing.

In practical immediate application, it could allow for customising cabinetry, skirting boards, countertops and other interior finishing on site and with greater ease – allowing your business to take on more jobs while still working effectively and productively. This technology, CNC Automation houses and construction, has the potential for great impact on any construction company’s bottom-line.

Mass adoption of these construction techniques could ensure housing for many, provide portable solutions for refugee camps, and of course make designing, building, customising or renovating our homes more exciting, hands-on, affordable, adaptable and sustainable.

Listed under PSFK ‘Innovator index’, Alistair Parvin appearing on renowned and open TED talks further explains his innovation to the world.

CNC Automation Houses and Construction

The CNC is without a doubt the must-have foundation tool for the tech- and market-savvy maker and the Thermwood Cut Centre offers a better, easier CNC automation for improved precision and increased productivity. Simple, intuitive, and preloaded the Thermwood is proving its worth for a host of Montreal manufactures.


Your kids introduced you to Wikipedia, but do you know Wikihouse? Open source construction kit – can be downloaded – shared library of 3D models – adaptable via software like SKETCHUP – Open Source Wikihouse .

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thermwood cut centre

Thermwood Cut Centre – Changing the World!

Thermwood Cut Centre – One Step Closer to Changing the World!

Used for cutting, milling, drilling and routing of virtually any material the CNC machine is continuing to be a revolutionizing force in manufacturing, design and residential and commercial construction. Automation is the latest innovation to enhance operability and performance. American ­Machinist Magazine’s 2012 predictions for the future of this machine in the ‘technical evolution’ place the CNC in the category of ‘world changing’ products.

The CNC is without a doubt the must-have foundation tool. The Thermwood Cut Centre offers a better, easier CNC automation for improved precision and increased productivity. Simple, intuitive, and preloaded Thermwood is proving its worth for a host of Montreal manufactures.


3 Ways That CNC Will Change Our World
Apr 5, 2012 Jack Douglass | American Machinist (access: 20/05/2015)

Thermwood Cut Centre

Coxson & McInnis – Congrats on new Thermwood CS43 and Belfab dust collector !

Coxson-McInnis logo

Coxson & McInnis are excited to receive their brand new toys, from sketch to reality… a Thermwood CS43 and Belfab dust collector. They’ll be cutting cabinets very soon !








Dynamic Kitchens using ArtCAM on their Thermwood CS43 to make decorative paneling !


Tony Trerise from Dynamic Kitchens showing off ArtCAM’s capabilities…  Machining this decorative paneling on his Thermwood model CS43. Nice Work !

Dynamic kitchens…for Dynamic lives.

dynamic kitchens

Steve DeTina from Silhouette Custom Cabinets in Hamilton checking out his Thermwood’s new Q-Core control upgrade !

Steve DeTina from Silhouette Custom Cabinets in Hamilton, is looking forward to learning all the new features he can take advantage of !

Silhouette’s 2005 Thermwood model cs40 has just been upgraded to the new feature rich Q-Core supercontrol upgrade.


2015 Thermwood Dealer Conference

Thermwood recently held the 2015 Dealer Conference at our headquarters in Dale, IN. The purpose of this annual event is to get all domestic and international dealers together in round-table informative sessions to discuss sales strategies and also to present the exciting changes and new products we plan to release in the next year.

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EdgeCut: Precisely Cut 2 mm Thick Material

Precisely cut up to 2 mm thick material

The new EdgeCut has not only been completely redesigned, the new slitting and winding machine also performs to the most recent engineering best practice and is part of düspohl’s latest developments. The new system not only minimises the potential hazard to the operator, but also shortens setup times dramatically.

Automatic positioning

The newly developed düspohl cutting system makes it possible to cut and wind absolutely free of burrs and crease-whitening. The result is the highest quality thin papers, thermoplastic films and up to 2 mm thick edging materials, such as ABS or PVC. One of the biggest challenges was the firm commitment to enable fully automatic knife positioning such as possible with the established AutoCut. The user specifies the desired cutting widths individually via touchscreen or retrieves them from a database. The adjustment process is completed in less than two minutes and guarantees a cutting width tolerance of no more than +/- 0.1 mm.

EdgeCut1Outstanding Winding Quality

Two distance sensors, among other things, ensure outstanding winding quality. They continuously sense the material rolls and control the braking force and the drives accordingly, depending on the roll diameter. The ideal process speed and web tension is thus held constant and perfectly controlled in combination with the drive power. 8 mm friction elements on the winding shafts allow very finely adjusted, width-dependent traction distribution across the cut material during the winding process.


  • The knife system is suitable for materials such as paper, veneer, laminate, ABS, PVC, PP and other materials.
  • Material thickness: 0.1 mm to 2 mm.
  • Working width up to 700 mm.
  • Strip width min.: 18 mm.
  • Roll diameter max.: 700 mm.
  • Cutting speed: 10-150 m/min.



Van Dyck Custom Kitchens Install Thermwood Router!

As the proud new owners of a Thermwood Router (Model  CS43) and Belfab dust collector, Van Dyck Custom Kitchens are already running production, 2 days into the install.

Another happy CNC Automation customer…  Welcome to the CNC family !

Van-Dyck-2 Van-Dyck-1

Ébénisterie Tech Design Woodworking Enjoys New Prima!

Congrats Ébénisterie Tech Design Woodworking… Enjoy your new Prima !
The first Cefla installation in the Maritimes made by

Prima       Prima