A Proud New Thermwood Owner…

Ken Petrunick Custom Cabinets Ltd. a recent new Thermwood owner has been putting his new CNC router to good (great !) use.

He is now cutting his own cabinets, MDF doors, curved mouldings and island fronts all with CNC Automation’s very own PANELMETRIX Software !

img_0212  img_0209 img_0210 img_0211

Another satisfied CNC Automation customer. Building a better Workshop… with CNC Automation’s expertise !


This island front was made from a skid sheet of material… Took just over 7 minutes to complete !


Panelmetrix Software

Ashburne Designs Creates MDF Doors with Panelmetrix Software

Another happy customer!
Ashburne Designs is now manufacturing their own MDF doors ! Making MDF doors in house has never been easier with Panelmetrix Software. Cover the cost of your Thermwood, even leave money in your pockets ! Garry Ewing (Ashburne’s owner) has already started saving money, ask us how you can too !!!

Highly skilled tradesman Garry Ewing can now carry out clients’ visions for their new spaces.

Ashburne Designs
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